Aluminum Sidings

Whatever your renovation or construction project, we have the aluminum exterior sidings for you! Choose the appropriate type of aluminum sidings, or ask our team of experts for advice. We have several colors and models, for all tastes and styles. Trust Arcan Aluminium when it comes to aluminum sidings, we have been the exterior sidings experts for more than 45 years!

We have the model for you! Choose from our range of vertical or horizontal aluminum sidings. All models are available in several colours, current or discontinued. If you need exterior sidings for a commercial project, we have several choices for you too!

Aluminum sidings have many advantages, including its very high resistance to weathering and its durability. Indeed, aluminum is a waterproof and fire resistant material. It is waterproof and does not rot (like wood coverings for example). Since it contains no organic matter, no need to worry about mold or termites. In addition, aluminum is a recyclable material!

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