Rialux Aluminum Siding

rialux sidings

Aluminum Siding Panels

The Rialux siding panels of the Tiago Collection are entirely composed of aluminum. These aluminum siding panels stand out due to their light weight properties, rust resistance and installation ease. The panels have a surface that resembles natural wood, which will surely enhance the look of your project. 

Arcan is a Rialux certified distributor and has all products and accessories.

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Rialux Sidings Installation

 Rialux Tiago Collection panels are composed of many different shades in every color offered. Therefore, it is extremely important to mix the boxes during installation to ensure an even distribution of the different shades throughout the surface. Make sure to validate that the results are satisfying every 3 or 4 rows installed.

Installation surfaces

  • On wood furring (16 inches center to center)
  • On metal furring (16 inches center to center)

Directions of installation

  • Horizontal laying
  • Vertical laying
  • Diagonal laying

 Fixing procedure

  • Screw every 16 inches in the middle of each opening provided for this purpose. Use a 1,25 inches in length screw.
  • Overlap the profile panels of 12,6 lin.ft with the notches on the installation surface. 
  • When cutting is necessary, it is highly recommended to cut the length of the panels with the appropriate tools suggested by Rialux.

Product Features

  • Length : 150 inches
  • Height covered : 6 inches
  • Thickness – depth : 0,43 inches
  • Weight per panel : 3,26 lbs
  • Screw holes : 3/4 in. x 1/8 in. (19mm x 3.2mm)
  • Screw holes intervals : 3 1/4 po (82,5mm)
  • Calibre : 27 thousandth
  • Panel : 1 panel = 6,25 square feet



  • Quantity per box : 18 panels of 150 in. (3658mm)
  • Area covered : 112,5 square feet
  • Box dimension : 151 x 7 x 4,5 inches
  • Box weight : 66 lbs


Installation must be done on buildings 3 floors or less. Please refer to the building codes for installation details. Subject to Canadian Building Code, part 9.

Rialux Colour Chart

rialux sidings


Screw in the middle of each opening provided for this purpose and in a moderate way. It is important not to use pressure towards the bottom or the top while screwing. Make sure that the result is satisfying every 3 or 4 rows installed. To ensure installation quality, remove the protective film from the coating throughout and make corrections if necessary.



  • Join Rialux Aluminum siding panels across their width : Joining panels across their width by using clips to cover and protect the screw holes. 
  • Join Rialux Aluminum siding panels across their length : Joining panels along their length by superimposing the notches provided for this purpose at the ends of the siding panels.


Moldings and accessories

Moldings such as starter trim, drip moldings, QJ trim and inside / outside corners are available from the Rialux Aluminum Siding manufacturer.

The starter trim must be carefully leveled and installed as an invisible clip at the bottom of the wall behind Rialux panels. The installation of drip moulding is required to divert water around windows and doors. 


Material verification

The contents of every box must be inspected upon reception. All material installed constitutes acceptance of product.


Handling boxes

Lift each ends of the box, holding it straight at all times. Do not lift the box by the center as it my deform or damage the product.


Fire resistance

The aluminum siding panels of the Rialux Tiago Collection are classified as a zero flammability hazard, according to the NFPA Rating Rating Explanation Guide.