Aluminum fascia and roof edges

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Fascias and roof edges: important elements for roof finishing

Fascias or fascia boards are horizontal trims attached to the lower end of roof rafters or beams, usually at the junction between the roof and the exterior walls of the house. They support the gutters and protect the edges of the roof from the elements and make for a beautiful finish. Roof edges are roofing accessories that are used to seal and protect roof joints and intersections, such as chimneys, dormers, roof penetrations and roof edges.


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Installing custom aluminum fascia and edges for your roof or chimney

With over 50 years of experience in the field, we can offer a large range of custom fascia and roof cap products for your roofs and chimneys. 

Installing your fascias and roof edges won’t be a problem either.

We will provide you with all the necessary screws, caulking and our expertise to help you finalize your renovation.

Here are examples of some of the profiles we can manufacture.


Revetement Aluzion
Revetement Aluzion

High-quality aluminum fascia and edges

Arcan Aluminium provides premium aluminum fascia and roof edges to meet the needs of any of your projects. We will bend your aluminum fascia or roof edge to match your specific roof finishes, ensuring it perfectly suits the requirements of all your projects. With a vast variety of colours available, we can bend and customize your fascia’s and trims to match your roof and soffits.


Available colours for your aluminum fascia 

At Arcan Aluminum, we offer our custom roof edges and fascia in over 300 colours! Every colour is tested to be weather-resistant and durable. Pick between hundreds of different colours to match your project’s style and taste. 

Here are our most popular colours:

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