ALUZION aluminum wood look siding

Aluminum siding

Aluminum wood grain siding for interior and exterior finishes

Arcan Aluminium carries an alternative wood-look aluminum siding in addition to their Vertical V-Groove aluminum siding. The ALUZION aluminum wood grain siding offers a lightweight, weather-resistant, and extremely durable product. Being easy to install and with minimal upkeep, this cladding is offered at a lower cost than steel, wood or any other material. ALUZION is available in various color categories, inspired by a wood grain finish for a really unique look.  Whether for interior or exterior use, imagine and design your project with simplicity, purity, elegance and taste.

The ALUZION aluminum wood grain siding is available in a palette of 11 colours

All the colours have been rigorously tested to withstand extreme environments. ALUZION’s advanced paint technology and powder coating process provide a durable finish that resists chipping, peeling and cracking, and will last for well over 30 years. What’s more, using this same technology, we’ve manufactured the cladding with WOODEN ALUZION colours that mimic the natural grain of wood.

Discover ALUZION’s distinctive range of faux wood colours to elevate the visual appeal of your upcoming projects! Select from a diverse palette with more than 11 colours, featuring 7 wood finishes. Each colour is available in solid or vented finish.Take a look at the colours we have available.

Aluminum siding
Aluminum siding

The advantages of choosing ALUZION aluminum siding for your projects

High quality product

Crafted from premium-grade aluminum, Heavy Gauge ALUZION cladding panels are of exceptional density and strength.. Their robust construction demands minimal maintenance, ensuring durability for your projects.

Weather-resistant materials

Constructed from resilient materials, these aluminum siding panels are engineered to withstand outdoor elements, corrosion, and UV rays with exceptional durability. Since ALUZION is made of aluminum, it does not contain organic matter, does not rot, and is not food for termites.

Easy Installation

Due to its lightweight design, ALUZION aluminum cladding is tailored for effortless installation, helping contractors to enhance their productivity efficiently and can last for well over 30 years depending on the structure.

Low or no-maintenance product

In contrast to its wood grain finish, this aluminum siding is demonstrated to be highly low-maintenance or even maintenance-free, needing only a gentle rinse with water, soap, and a soft cloth to restore its original condition.

Ecologically sustainable & recyclable

Manufactured from recycled aluminum and being recyclable once more, ALUZION siding has a significantly low carbon footprint, enhancing its eco-friendly credentials.

Aluminum siding
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