Copper Sheets and Lead Coated Copper Sheets

aluminum sheets

Our copper sheets and lead coated copper sheets can be used for many applications

Due to their superior conductive, thermal and structural properties, they are useful as electrical conductors, coatings and decorations, printed circuits or thermal conductors. At Arcan Aluminium, we stock a wide variety of copper and lead coated copper sheets. Sheet sizes are generally 3 ft x 8 ft, and thicknesses of 16 oz. and 20 oz. are available. We also offer aluminum sheets, available in various lengths and widths.

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What are the differences between copper sheets and lead coated copper sheets?

The main difference lies in their surface coating: copper sheets are simply made of copper, while lead coated copper sheets are coated with a thin layer of lead to improve their corrosion protection properties and solderability.

aluminum sheets
Aluminum Sheets

Copper sheets

Copper sheets are generally made of pure copper or copper alloy. These sheets can be used in a variety of applications, including electronics, decoration, cooking, etc. Copper roofing is another coveted use for copper sheets.

Lead coated copper sheets

Lead coated copper sheets are coated with a thin layer of lead. This lead coating offers several advantages, including improved corrosion resistance, better solderability and a more aesthetically pleasing silvery appearance. Lead coated copper sheets are commonly used in applications where additional protection against corrosion is required, such as marine applications, electrical equipment exposed to corrosive environments, etc. We carry 3×8 16oz sheets.

Lead copper sheets take on shades of gray once the lead has been oxidized.

In what industrial applications are lead coated copper sheets preferred over untreated copper sheets?

Oxidized copper sheets, often referred to as “patinated” or “weathered” copper, are preferred over untreated copper sheets in various industrial applications due to their unique aesthetic qualities and enhanced properties. Some common applications include architectural projects for roofing, cladding, and decorative elements, as the natural green or blue-green patina that develops over time gives buildings a distinctive, weathered appearance that is highly prized in both modern and historical architecture. It is also commonly used in interior, industrial and urban design, for various applications to add a touch of vintage charm to residential and commercial spaces. Overall, oxidized copper sheets offer a versatile and visually appealing alternative to untreated copper, making them a preferred choice across various industrial sectors where aesthetics, durability, and performance are essential considerations.


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Our copper sheets and lead coated  copper sheets are available in stock at Arcan Aluminium. You can see below examples of copper sheets and oxidized copper sheets used in a variety for different projects.