Aluminum drip edge

Aluminum drip edge

Roof drip edge

A roof drip, also known as “fascia flashing”, is a metal sheet usually in the shape of an “L” that is installed along the edge of a roof. Its main role is to divert water from the eaves edge to the gutter, preventing it from seeping between the fascia and the gutter, and then back up under the shingles.

In addition to this function, roof flashings play an important role in protecting against the effects of wind during inclement weather. In adverse weather conditions, wind can direct water onto the roof in different directions, making it more difficult for it to flow downwards, and also encouraging water to fall into the gutters..

Window drip edge

The window drip refers to a metal or aluminum projection at the corner of a roof, window or door, used to redirect rainwater and moisture build-up away from the structure. It plays a vital role in preventing surface corrosion, as the presence of stagnant water creates an environment conducive to the formation of an electrolytic cell.

Drip cap vs drip edge

Drip cap and drip edge are both important components used in roofing systems to manage water runoff and protect vulnerable areas. A drip cap, also known as a drip molding or drip flashing, is typically installed at the bottom of a window or door frame to prevent water from seeping in and causing damage to the underlying structure. It acts as a barrier, directing water away from the surface and diverting it to the ground. On the other hand, a drip edge is a metal strip that is installed along the edges of a roof to provide similar water-shedding functions. It helps channel water away from the roof and into the gutters, preventing water infiltration and potential rot or mold issues. While both drip cap and drip edge serve similar purposes, they are designed for different areas of a building. Drip caps are mainly used around windows and doors, while drip edges are installed along the roof edges. Both components play crucial roles in maintaining the integrity of a building and ensuring effective water management.

Aluminum drip edge
Aluminum drip edge

What is a drip edge?

A drip cap is an essential part of the roof and plays a crucial role in protecting your home against water infiltration. It’s a piece that’s installed on the edge of the roof, just above the eaves. Its main function is to direct rainwater away from the roof structure and house walls. 

Thanks to its specific protruding shape, the drip edge creates a physical barrier that prevents water from penetrating under the tiles or shingles, and thus causing damage to the roof structure and house components. The drip cap plays an important role in preserving the integrity of the roof and the house as a whole, ensuring proper drainage of rainwater and minimizing the risk of leaks and moisture damage.