When you need to refresh the overall appearance of your house, installing aluminum siding may be exactly what you need to do for that keen, fresh look you have been looking for. Installing aluminum exterior siding can be difficult if you have never worked in this field before, but it should not be stressful, and there are certainly some tips that you can follow to help you out with the difficult parts of the job, and make the entire process much easier. As for any renovation project, choose a day with a nice weather, be patient and take your time. It will make the difference between an average looking job and a amazing results.

So go ahead and have fun! (And don’t hesitate to ask for help!)


Aluminum sidings can be properly installed by any person with  general knowledge of how to operate a few different tools and with a general skillset centered around basic household tools.

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The first step, and most important rule of installing aluminum sidings is to begin the job safely, by putting on safety glasses and gloves. You have to be absolutely sure that you are safe when performing any type of aluminum siding installation. There are a variety of potentially difficult steps that must be taken in order to complete the installation, perhaps the largest of which is the mounting of all of the pieces of siding that will run along the top and sides of the doors and window covers.


It may seems obvious but cutting the pieces of aluminum siding to fit the openings on a bench with a saw that has a circular or radial arm before your ever begin placing the aluminum siding on your home will definitely help to reduce on the cutting time.  This will also help to make this part of the installation simpler, as the pieces of aluminum are much easier to handle when you are cutting them on a workbench, rather than trying to go back after you have already installed the pieces and begin cutting them to fit. Take your time to have the exact measurement and don’t hesitate to measure twice!


After you have already cut each piece to the specified length, you will begin adding screws in a straight line rather than adding the screws in multiple places on the siding. By adding the screws in a straight line, you will not only save time by being able to move less between each screw, but you will also have a better chance of completing the job right the first time, as this makes sure that the aluminum piece covers all of the siding and will not have any weak spots.

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