Asphalt shingles have been a part of American roofing for well over a century. They are crafted from inexpensive materials and can be put up relatively quickly. However, metal roofing has some definite advantages over their asphalt counterparts. If your home is in need of a new roof, you will want to consider the benefits that metal offers.

Metal Roofs Last Far Longer than Shingles

This is arguably the advantage that most people have heard about for metal roofing in that it will last up to four times longer than their asphalt counterparts. Roofers in general like to install asphalt or composite material shingles because they are fairly easy to work with and require little in the way of special training. However, they also do not last very long which means that they will be replaced fairly soon which can become costly over time. However, sheet metal will last roughly four times longer which under normal conditions means that you may need to replace a metal roof once in your lifetime.

Metal Roofing Weighs Less than Asphalt Shingles

It may sound hard to believe at first, but metal roofs weigh far less than asphalt shingles per square foot. Depending on the materials that asphalt shingles are crafted from, they can weigh from two to five pounds per square foot compared to metal which weighs on average 1.4 pounds covering the same area. Not only does this mean that your needs no reinforcement for metal roofing if it is strong enough to hold asphalt shingles, it also means that the sheet metal used is light enough to be placed over the shingles as well. This means that you get a double layer of protection for your roof which will work for many years to come.

Metal Roofs have Better Warranties

You’ll notice that many roofing companies will offer long-lasting warranties on their asphalt shingles, some of which reaching up to 50 years. However, while that may sound impressive, the truth is that the issues which develop with asphalt shingles have little to do with their inherent integrity and more to do with product defects. This means that when the asphalt shingles deteriorate in less than 20 years, the warranty will not cover its replacement. Compare that to metal roofs which last about four times longer and will need very little in the way of maintenance.

Metal Roofing offers a Great Variety of Styles, Shapes & Colors

Unlike asphalt which is pretty much the same, metal roofing materials come in different styles, shapes and colors to compliment your home. While most people are familiar with the rib version, they can actually appear as tiles, panels, custom shapes and even standard shingles if you so desire. With this type of variety, you can choose the version that best compliments your home.

It is little wonder that more people are bypassing asphalt shingles and having metal roofing installed on their homes. While it does cost a little more, metal roofs will last far longer to protect your home while complimenting the appearance of your residence. You’ll want to check out what having a metal roof can do for your home and make the most on your next purchase.


Pro Bob is an experienced contractor and renovation specialist, who loves to share his know how with others.